Rosette Generation by David S. EastRosette Generation by David S. EastRosette Generation by David S. East

Rosette Generation, (installation of): 8” x 96” x 108” overall, slip cast ceramics, carpeting, DVD animation, 2010

The Rosette Generation series was a body of work framed by geographic and cultural perspectives. The sources I sought out: cheap Styrofoam knock-offs of classic suburban decorative trim, the rosette, the mantle; are meant to operate as a mirror to the phenomena of the suburbs as much as a frame of mind and reflect the peculiarities of an “American” point of view.

The form and processes of this piece attempt to reflect on the monumental within the mundane, and seeks to bore out the middle of modernism to see its split-level by-products. The work has rotated around these axes operating as much a strategy of thinking as of making; one that takes ubiquitous forms of real estate imagery of suburbia and presents them for what they are (a flat plane, a marketed mirage) as well as what they promise to be (a moral retreat, a ideal future). Driven by generic real estate images, plebeian architectural ornamentation and utilizing search engine responses in image generation, this body of work combined new fabrication technologies, ceramics, and mixed media formats.